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Native American Medicine Shield

Native American Medicine Shield

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Minor Arcana Information.....

Some Basic information to get you started

1 New Beginning
2 Balance
3 Growth
4 Stability
5 Challenges
6 Harmony
7 Inner
8 Renewal
9 preparation
10 Complete

Swords Mental, Intellectual
Wands Spiritual, Life Force
Pentacles Physcial, Finances, Business
Cups Emotional, inspiration, Soul

Red Base Chakra Passion
Orange Sacral Courage
yellow Solar Plexus Success
Green Heart healing
Blue Throat Communication
Indigo Third Eye Spiritual
White Crown Purification
Black feet Shadowwork
Pink Heart Love, self love

King fatherhood, practical
Queen Motherhood, nurturer
Knight Adviser Prince
Page Youth, qualities Princess

This is not all information you need to read Tarot but it may get you started in thinking about each card.......

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