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Native American Medicine Shield

Native American Medicine Shield

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tarot and Numerology.....

Add your Birthdate together e.g 11/03/1969  1+1+0+3+1+9+6+9=30    3+0=3

Numbers 1-22 do not break down...... 23 breaks down 5

1-The Magician
A person who can see beyond the illusion. They always like to know what is underneath the surface after they meet someone.
Weaknesses-They can not see behind an illusion, they believe everything they are told. A person who creates illusion, dishonesty in some areas of their life.
2-The High Priestess
A person who likes the truth revealed, but understand when secrets need to be kept.
Weaknesses-Gossips, when the truth needs to be kept hidden.
3-The Empress
Balanced in nuturing self, creating abundance within on all levels, creativity easily expressed
Weaknesses-So busy nurturing others they sometimes forget to nurture themselves
4-The Emperor
Very firm but also very fair in their dealings with others.
Authoritive Figure where my way is the high way......the only way .....
5-The Hierophant
Friends are very important, they have a strong sense of self belief
Lonely, no sense of self-belief
6-The Lovers
Very passionate and intense people, romantics at heart
Closed off to any aspects of love.
7-The Chariot
Loves to be in control, knows the direction they are moving in all aspects of their life.
Directionless. Scattered energy. not focused
Someone of great strength, not physical but with knowledge....someone who fights for the truth on all levels.
Someone who gets walked all over, overly pleasing others. Could often get caught when misbehaving or telling lies.
9-The Hermit
This person prefers quiet solitude, reflection. Does not mind their own company.
Can't stand being alone. Has to be with others to be busy to take mind of what should be doing.
10 The Wheel of Fortune
This person can sometimes feel quite stuck as though they are going round and round in a circle.. Knowing they need to make a good decision they weigh up the pros and cons...
Quick at making descisions....
The believe in what you sow you reap, so they use their strengths to adapt to new situations quickly
Manipulative Character. With Wit and charm.
12-The Hanged Man
This person is always looking at all the options available to them with positive thoughts.
Can never see options available. Can not listen to new perspectives.
Always going through Transformations. Changes is a choice in how they view their journey.
Staying stuck. Never letting go of the past. Addictiion is a big part of this person's journey.
Always ready to create new pathways. Know they have choices in how they create the next path.
Concentrating on the negative instead of the positive. Creates more drama.
15-The Devil
Hates chains, limitations in their life, no good with authority.
Always placing chains, limitations on themselves. Never thiunk themselves worthy.
16-The Tower
Everything's a drama, Everything causes an impact. Me, Me, me.
Everything is an experience to grow from. Learn and grow....
17-The Star
A true Star, light shines in all aspects of their life.....A Dreamer, goal orientated.
Feels like they are always in the dark. No dreams, no goals, not very motivated.
18-The Moon
Very intuitive, but may hold hidden fears that need to be faced.
Blocked from using their intuition.  Scared of the dark. everything makes them jump.
19-The Sun
A sunny personality. Everything is out in the open, nothing hidden.
Always crying, for no apparent reason. nothing gets released.
Discernment is something this person acts with in situations. Does not like to get involved with other's dramas.
Judgment in everything about everyone else. Always blaming others for their dramas.
21-The World
Always ready for new opportunities, ready to leave behind the old so can move forward with hope and dreams.
Closed off from seeing new oportunties. narrow minded.
22-The Fool
Youthful in life. Ready to take on life. knows to be cautious in everything they decide to do..... but sometimes this can be overwhelming. Leaps before they jump. Does not get all the information first.

Remember there are both positive and negative aspects of each personality. Strengths and weaknesses. Please look at these only as suggestions and keywords to start opening up your own intuition to work out what Your Personality Tarot card is asking of you...

Now What is your Year Card.......Year Tarot Card
11/03/2013   Day/Month/This Year  1+1+0+3+2+0+1+3=11 Justice/Strength

This year is about me reaping my rewards for using my strengths......
Learning about when you work hard you are rewarded.    I  need to put in the effort to get what I  want out of life......

Take from the list of Cards to work out your own Year Card......

What Card relates to this month for me..... Month Tarot Card

PY Card- 11

This month- May 05   1+1+0+5= 7  The Chariot
This month I have been learning about focusing on my direction without distraction.

June 06  1+1+0+6=8 Strength/Justice
Next month  I am really going to have to watch my strengths and use them to gain the desires I want in my life. June will be very much about working hard to recieve what I truly need.

Todays Card I Could Focus on....... Today's Tarot Card

PY Card 11
Month May 05
Day- 23rd               1+1+0+5+2+3= 12   The Hanged Man

Today I need to look at all the options available to me in moving forward in life. Need to listen to other's viewpoints, Being open to look at things from a new perspective......

Have fun in discovering your own Cards... if interested in gaining more insight please come and see me in store or email me........Enjoy....

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