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Native American Medicine Shield

Native American Medicine Shield

Monday, May 20, 2013

Finally back online

Finally back online and ready to update this blog   to check out the list of Decks I now have myself please check out .......

Aeclectic Tarot- Tarot/Oracle Decks

My List....
Native American Tarot
Angel Tarot

Shadowscape Tarot
Osho Zen Tarot
Vision Quest Tarot
Tarot of Sacred Sites
Tarot of the Wild Spirit
Medicine Woman Tarot
1JJSwiss Tarot
Melodies Crystal Tarot
BMS Tarot
Truth Seeker tarot

Working also with Art Nouveu Tarot
Inner Child Tarot

Oracle Cards

Healing With Angels
Angels of Atlantis
Blue Angel Oracle
Sacred Path Cards
Medicine Carrds
Shaman Wisdom Oracle
Wolf Song Pack
Harmony Angel Oracle
Wisdom of the Four Winds
Crystal Ally Cards
Tibetan Jewel Crystal Cards
Crop Circle Oracle
Secret Language of Colour Cards
Art through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle
Isis Oracle

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